ODT Cares

ODT Cares pioneers to provide niche expertise in the integration of professional arts and healing, whilst providing both the general public and the disadvantaged community a stimulating platform to enhance their lives through dance & arts.

Summer DanceFit

        • Integrating related areas of dance, health and fitness, ODT launched a three-week nationwide festival – Summer DanceFit Festival, graced by the former Minister of State – Mrs Yu-Foo Yee Shoon at the Singapore Indoor Stadium in 2006.

Give & Care

        • Give & Care Series has evolved to be a biennial festival, focusing on the acts of giving and caring with the disadvantaged community at various locations.

Community Engagement (Families)

Community Engagement Series consist of celebrative events which assemble and bond the community by observing important festivities in Singapore. These events will heighten the importance of social integration, racial harmony and inclusivity.


Community Enrichment (Elderly)

Community Enrichment Series consist of arts appreciation and healing programmes for the elderly beneficiaries through movement and performance programmes.


Community Empowerment (Youth)

Community Empowerment Series support the youths in the social service sectors through arts empowerment programmes which ignite, inspire and impact their lives.


Community Enhancement (Adult)

Community Enhancement Series support the adult learners in safe and comfortable environment which help in their personal and well-being development. A series of stress management and fitness programmes for the public.